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There are many key aspects to having the perfect resume. At the Career Center’s Resume Critique night, a real employer, Lauren A. Cataldo, critiqued my resume. I learned the seven main aspects an employer looks at when reading a resume.


Always keep your resume organized. Break it up into sections of education, experience, skills, and extra curricular activities / interests. It is also very important to separate those categories with a long bold horizontal line for easier reading and navigation.


Consistency is a huge must in resumes. The font and spacing need to be the same throughout the entire page. Your short explanations of the work you’ve done or the education you’ve received should be listed in bullet points or dashes. There should be a flow to the overall appearance of the resume. You also will want to have a heading that stands out next to others.

Name and Contact

All of the information needs to be relevant and in many situations, the employer will appreciate more if the information was geared towards the specific job you are applying for. No nicknames allowed! Only your full name is appropriate on this document. You should have a real mailing address and a professional e-mail address. Finally, leave a cell phone number only, no need for a home number or multiple numbers.


This category should be the first or second section after your heading. In order starting from the present, list Siena as your primary education entry including your degree program and graduation year. Follow with your high school and years of enrollment.


Your experience section should be in order of most recent assignment. It is important to list not only the name but the location of the organization as well. This section is a big conversation starter if you have something in common with the employer reading your resume. Dates of experience are also very important because the employer wants to see how long you last in certain situations. Underneath the name of the organization should be bulleted statements starting with action verbs and describing the student experience. These statements should be brief and should not be repetitive.

Additional Relevant Section

You should include your skills such as computer programs and social medias and interpersonal skills. More important aspects are coursework, foreign language, community service, extracurricular activities/ leadership, honors/awards, and athletics. All of which should be detailed.


This final category is a lot more important than you may think. Correct spelling, capitalization, and verb tense consistency show your attention to detail and that took the time to read over your resume more than once.

If you have all of these aspects of your resume complete, then you are on the right track to impressing a future employer! Best of luck!

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