Student Internship Panel

Will Marlow Stage Fright [EXPLORE]

Will Marlow
Stage Fright [EXPLORE]

This semester’s Student Internship Panel was nothing less than exciting and informative. Last semester I was in the crowd listening and taking notes as an internship-noob trying to take in the most information as possible. This semester, I sat on the other side of the table as one of the panelist answering questions from the presentation leaders and the students.

Allison Schultz, the Assistant Dean of Liberal Arts, Ashley Dwyer, the Assistant Director for Employer Relations, and Melissa Potocki the head of Hennepin Hall lead the discussion in the Saracen Student Union. Behind the long table in the front of the room sat myself and four other Siena Students between junior and senior year who currently, or who have in the past, held an internship or shadowed an impactful role model.

This time around I was able to be the one to answer the questions of how to get an internship, the benefits of having an internship, how to make the most of your internship and information about networking and maintaining relations.

This panel was a reality of how much I have actually learned since being an intern. The skills I have gained in this internship are far more than I had bargained for. Signing up for an internship titled “Internship in English,” I had not expected all of the technologic work I would be doing. Also, I would have never expected that I would be doing so much public speaking!

Internships are valuable for many reasons, one reasons being you have the ability to share your experiences with others. Next semester I would highly recommend signing up to be a panelist at the Student Internship Panel of Fall 2015! 

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