Musicians of Ma’alwyck



Hi guys!

I hope everyone’s Halloween weekend was great! This past Saturday night, I was able to attend the second night of the Musicians of Ma’alwyck event and it truly was unlike anything I had ever seen before.  Although not many students attended the event, the show still brought out a full house! The audience consisted of a different type of community, a community that quite obviously was very knowledgeable and experienced in the musical field. The show essentially combined the beauty of chamber music and ballet routines, which were performed by several members of the Loose Change Dance Collective and I was fascinated just by how smooth each part interacted with one another.

Out of all of the wonderful musicians and performers that participated in this event, I was particularly impressed by the vocal talents of Siena College’s own Dr. Tim Reno.  I participated in chorus all throughout middle school and high school, so I have seen a lot of choral and solo performances, but I have not seen any like Dr. Reno’s.  From what I could gather, the difficulty of the piece Dr. Reno performed was very difficult and the sound of his voice among the various instruments was impeccable.

Have you ever been able to see a Musicians of Ma’alwyck performance? Have you participated in one of these performances? Let me know in the comments below!


Student Intern