Vocomotion 2016: NY Hopes


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This past Friday, I had the pleasure of attending Vocomotion 2016: NY Hopes, which was an amazing collaboration between the Siena College Choirs and NY State History students.  When I arrived to the Foy Lobby about ten minutes before the show began, I was so excited to see that there was a complete full house! Students, faculty members, and families filled the chairs around the set of risers that lined the back wall of the room and the beautiful baby grand piano was perfectly placed in the center of the room.

The pieces that was selected for the performance was thoroughly (and I mean THOROUGHLY) researched by NY State history students and each one of them had a connection to the state of New York. Before each song was performed by the Siena College Choirs, an NY history student read aloud to the audience the history of the song, and the composer/writer who created it.  I was both surprised and impressed at the intricate collaboration between the two groups, despite the huge difference in subject fields!

The talent that I had the opportunity to see during this performance was impeccable, from all who had a part.  The vocal talents of the Siena College Choirs still never cease to amaze me and Dr. Tim Reno, who was in charge of the entire event, prepared the students very well! By far, my favorite piece during the event was “Home,” performed by the Siena College A Capella club.  This is one of my absolute favorite songs to listen to and the voices of the club members truly did the original peace justice.  Their voices were incredibly powerful and they truly were singing their hearts out, something that is unfortunately not so common in some musical groups.

Did you attend Vocomotion 2016? What did you think of the performances? Let me know in the comments!


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