C-SPAN Bus Visits Siena’s Campus

Hi everyone!

If you happened to see the enormous bus parked in from of the SSU yesterday, I hope you were able to stop by and check it out! Siena College had the privilege of having the C-SPAN bus come to campus for a couple of hours yesterday and students had the opportunity to come aboard the bus and investigate the modern, interactive technology that provides all sorts of information about the upcoming elections.  I was very fortunate to be one of these students and I really haven’t seen anything quite like the C-SPAN bus!

The C-SPAN bus has travelled to all fifty states, including Hawaii and Alaska, and provides a constant coverage of any and all political debates, speeches, etc. that are occurring in the United States.  The bus itself is filled with the latest technology, a complete production studio, and an interview couch where all of the current presidential candidates (except for Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump) have spoken with members of the C-SPAN team! The bus broadcasts a show in which people are able to call in anonymously to discuss their political views and to ask questions of  whichever politician may be visiting that day.  One of the most interesting things about C-SPAN is that the network is totally unbiased.  There is no commentary and no commercials, leaving it completely up to the viewer’s point of view.  Especially in today’s times, it’s very difficult to be able to tune into politics without hearing the opinions of others, but C-SPAN successfully does that.

Did you have a chance to visit the C-SPAN bus? What did you think?

Julia Lowney, Student Intern