11th Presidential Inauguration: Br. F. Edward Coughlin


Br. F. Edward Coughlin- 11th President of Siena College

On October 2nd, 2015 history was made on the Siena College campus. Since the inception of this institution in 1937, there have only been ten people who have earned the title of President of Siena College; last Friday, an eleventh was added to that prestigious list. Brother F. Edward Coughlin has now taken his rightful seat at the head of this college. While Brother F. Edward Coughlin has been sitting in as an Interim President for Siena, it was not until last week that he was officially inaugurated.

This ceremony was nothing short of breathtaking. As students gathered around campus for the precession into the gymnasium, where the inauguration was being held, there was a strong sense of togetherness and community that filled the cold air. With all the professors and advisors in their ceremonial robes, the gravity of this event only increased. As students followed their professors and schools, a large sense of pride wafted over them as they took that fist step forward into the ARC. With the appreciative music playing, a crowd of Siena peers, and a panel of significant speakers, it became clear how important this day was for the college. With each following group of people that entered this gymnasium, an inspirational explanation of their contribution to the school was announced to instill an even greater feel of community and family.

Once everyone had taken their seats and the crowd had simmered down, a prayer was conducted honoring and thanking God for the day given to everyone. At the conclusion of this prayer, the people in attendance were honored and applauded. A few of the most interesting and wonderful people in attendance were those who were a part of the first-ever graduating classes at Siena College. This attendee surely closed the gap between the first and most recent generations of students enrolled in Siena College. The inauguration then truly began with a number of prestigious and respected speakers from far and wide honoring Brother F. Edward Coughlin in this new journey of his already successful life. As each speaker continued to praise the man Siena College would, from that day forward, call their President, it became clearer and clearer as to why this person would make a truly brilliant head of the school.

These speeches along with the beautiful performances by Siena’s own “Psalm 150” for their rendition of “Standing on the Shoulders” as well as Tim Reno’s Chorus perfromance, made the build up to Brother F. Edward Coughlin’s Presidential Address all the more suspenseful. Over the standing ovation and roar of applause, Br. F. Edward Coughlin took the stand and after all the clamor and noise, the crowd fell silent at the anticipation of his first words. The positive and hopeful words that filled the gymnasium could only reassure Siena College that they had appointed the right person for the job. It was with great honor and composure that Br. Coughlin accepted this position and was presented with a number of medals, gifts and trophies to enhance his new title. Br. Coughlin truly took on the notion of “Embracing What is Ours to Do” and will continue to do so moving forward.

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