The English Society

Thomas Abbs Paperback Writer

Thomas Abbs
Paperback Writer

Joining the club focused on your major is beneficial in many ways. I am an English major, therefore, I am part of the English Society.

On the eve of the blizzard, not many people showed up for the meeting. Even so, it was a great opportunity to meet some of the other members in a much more intimate setting. The President, Erin DeGregorio, and VP, Matthew Roberts, did a good job of setting up a fun semester.

People might think the English Society is a fancy title for a book club or a place where the members only talk about Shakespeare but in reality the English Society is much more up to date with its discussions.

In future meetings, as the Matthew Roberts promised, everyone will bring a piece of literature: poetry, a short story, anything. Then everyone will read aloud their piece. It could be a good confidence booster, a way to get engaged in the community and hear what other people have to bring to the table.

Another aspect, which I did not know about, was the English Society gets their very own column in the Promethean. And that column is open to any member who wants to write for it.

Attending this meeting lead to another realization that Siena offers so much. Take advantage of everything, even if it’s a small English Society meeting where only 5 people show up. I met new people who enjoy the same things I enjoy and I now look forward to meeting again next week.