Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program

An aspect of Siena’s School of Liberal Arts that deserves a highlight is the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program. Dr. Sonnelitter was recently named the director of the minor and plans to spread word on this fascinating and useful minor in order to get people talking.

The title of the minor is pretty self explanatory, but for those who don’t know the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program, it focuses on the history of that time period through English classes, Language classes, and art classes. Dr. Sonnelitter urged the importance of learning about history through these different perspectives because it really opens the student’s eyes to understanding that there are so many different ways to look at one topic. The students who minor in this are expected to remove any preconceptions and think like they are in the Medieval and Renaissance Era. This minor teaches the students to approach the world from the past instead of the present.

“The fun thing about this minor is that it is an interdisciplinary program giving the students a deeper understanding of history.” All the different courses give you different ways to remove yourself from the present day and put yourself into the Renaissance Era to relive the beauty of that time period and learn about it.

The skills the students learn are fundamental to any liberal arts education: critical thinking, creative thinking, informed reason and judgment, communication skills, and a diversity of perspectives.

Registration is coming up so take a look at courses for the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program!

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